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Bora-Care Treated Wood
30 Year Warranty
Floirda Homes

Homebuilder Solutions

In today's world of constructing a new home we understand your needs for an efficient and effective plan to reduce down time associated with traditional termite pre-treatments before the concrete is poured. We have the solution to down time and efficiency  in the building process when it comes to treating your homes for termites. Introducing Bora-Care a wood treatment designed to provide years of protection against termites and other wood destroying organisms. Bora-Care is also Florida Building Code Approved. It comes with a 30 Year Limited Warranty! No other product on the market comes close. The treatment is provided once the framing is done and before the electrical is installed. Plus, we provide the Termite Protection to your customer at the time of closing!

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Protecting your home, business and quality of life!

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